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Additional Services That Full-Service Oil Changes Often Include

Because oil changes are done at regular intervals, they provide convenient times for mechanics to perform other services. While the exact list of additional services that mechanics provide varies from one garage to another, many full-service oil changes include some of these extras.

Fluid Level Check

Vehicles use many fluids in their various systems, and each fluid should be maintained at certain levels. While your vehicle's hood is open for an oil change, a mechanic can quickly check each fluid reservoir to make sure there's enough power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and other fluids in their respective systems.

Sometimes a mechanic will top off one or two fluids for free, particularly if only a little additional fluid is needed. Other times, a mechanic will charge for the fluid used to refill reservoirs. Even if they charge, however, the check is complimentary and important. It helps keep your vehicle from running dry -- which could have devastating consequences.

Brake Check

Sometime during the oil change, most garages will have their mechanic inspect each of the brakes. The mechanic may check brake pads to make sure they're thick enough, and rotors to make sure they're smooth and not rusty.

A brake check is included in most oil changes because brake failure can be catastrophic. If any brakes need to be serviced, the service can usually be done while the vehicle is lifted for the oil change. Most garages have rough flexibility in their schedules to immediately perform a brake job, and the necessary parts can be almost immediately obtained because they're so common.

Air Filter Check

The air filter cleans the air as it circulates through the air conditioning and heating system. Air filters will last a long time, but they eventually become clogged with dust and have to be replaced.

A vehicle's air filter can be checked by opening a lid, pulling out the air filter, and visually inspecting it. If the air filter is overly dirty, it's easy to slide a new one into place before closing the lid.

Although checking the air filter is normally free, replacing it will cost an additional fee. An air filter should soon be replaced if it's dirty, but you can usually drive for a short while with a somewhat clogged air filter. If you don't want to pay for a new one immediately, an air filter problem won't be catastrophic like brake failure could be. Look into a car oil change near you for more information.