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Is A Flatbed Tow Truck Always The Best Option?

You might have noticed that towing companies use a variety of different tow truck styles. Each truck has its uses, but flatbed models are standard in many fleets. Flatbeds offer numerous advantages, but they aren't always the right truck for the job. Your towing company will select the best truck for the job when you need a lift, but you might be curious how they arrive at this decision.

If you've ever wondered why your towing service sends a particular truck, then keep reading to learn about three situations where a flatbed might not be the best option.

1. Rapid Towing

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a dangerous situation, and you need a quick tow. For example, you may suffer a breakdown on a busy road with no opportunity to move your car onto the soft shoulder. In these situations, it's usually critical to get your car outside the flow of traffic as soon as possible. You may even be stuck dealing with a police wrecker if you can't get a tow quickly enough.

Loading a flatbed truck can be a somewhat lengthy process. To save time, some companies may send a wheel lift truck to move your car to safety. If you drive an AWD vehicle, these trucks can still be an option by using a dolly to keep all four wheels elevated.

2. Short Trips

A key advantage to the flatbed is that it entirely elevates your vehicle above the road, protecting it from road debris and other forms of damage. While this protection is crucial when you need to haul a car over a long distance, it's less important for short trips. If you only need to tow your vehicle a few miles, the towing company may send a wheel lift instead of a larger and bulkier flatbed.

3. Access Issues

Unfortunately, breakdowns don't always occur in convenient locations. Flatbed tow trucks are large utility vehicles, and they can't always fit into tight spaces. If you've broken down in a parking lot or another area where space is limited, it may be impossible for a flatbed tow truck to reach you. Your towing company will need to rely on a wheel lift vehicle to free your car in these situations.

Remember that towing companies have the training and experience to decide on the right truck for your situation. By working with a trustworthy tow service, you can trust that the dispatcher will make the best choice to move your car safely and efficiently.

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