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3 Tips For Buying A Used Box Truck

Companies of all sizes often rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles to transport employees and products. If you routinely deliver large items or if your employees need access to a lot of tools while performing on-site services, a box truck might be a great addition to your fleet.

Used box trucks tend to be affordable, hold their value, and provide you with a rolling advertisement for your business. Use these tips to help ensure you find a reliable and affordable used box truck to join your fleet.

1. Evaluate Cargo Space

You should start every used box truck evaluation with a thorough examination of the truck's cargo space. Box trucks come in a wide range of lengths and configurations. You will want to ensure that the used box truck you purchase has a cargo space large enough to meet your needs.

It's important to factor in any shelving or built-in bins that you will add to the box truck after purchase when evaluating size. You will also want to plan ahead for any anticipated growth so that your used box truck will continue meeting your company's needs.

2. Check the Maintenance Records

The cargo space a box truck offers means nothing if the truck's engine isn't running smoothly. Always ask to see the maintenance records for a box truck before you make an offer. A truck that hasn't had regular oil changes, transmission flushes, and coolant additions may not run efficiently.

The last thing you want is a used box truck that ends up needing major repairs once you add it to your fleet. Only purchase trucks that have a detailed and documented maintenance record to avoid unexpected repair costs.

3. Check All Moving Parts

A box truck features many moving parts. In addition to the traditional parts found on all heavy-duty trucks, box trucks also have loading ramps, rolling doors, and safety latches that help secure each load. You should check each of these parts for rust before you purchase a used box truck. For example, rust can compromise the functionality of a box truck and put any items housed within it at risk. A used box truck with no rust on its moving parts will be able to offer you reliable service in the future.

The wrong box truck could compromise the safety and efficiency of your fleet. As such, to find the right kind, you should evaluate the cargo space, check maintenance records, and check all moving parts before you add a used box truck to your commercial fleet. Contact a used fleet truck service for more information.