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4 Important Steps To Take Before Signing Off On Your Nissan Repair

Nissan vehicles are known for their affordability, and this extends beyond the original purchase price. Nissans are also some of the most reliable car brands on the market, and should you ever need a replacement part, they're usually not too difficult to come by. Still, if you're in need of any kind of repair on your Nissan, there are a few steps you'll want to take before you sign off on any work.

Inquire About OEM Parts

If your Nissan repair will involve total replacement of any parts, you'll want to make sure that the parts being ordered are coming directly from the manufacturer rather than a third-party company. OEM parts are the exact same parts your car was originally built with, which will help to maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts should be avoided, since they usually aren't made with the same quality and can affect your future resale.

Find a Certified Service Center

While Nissan vehicles generally aren't too complex when it comes to repairs, it's still a good idea to find a certified Nissan service center with which to trust with the work your car needs done. Certified Nissan service centers can usually be found inside Nissan dealerships, but it is also possible to find an independent mechanic who may have specific certification to work on this brand of vehicles (or at least lots of experience with your specific make and model).

Make Sure a Warranty is Included

With most repairs, a basic warranty on parts should always be included. Make sure you find out exactly how many years and/or miles the warranty is good for, along with any special steps you need to take to register your warranty. Ideally, you'll also want to find a service center that will include a warranty on labor. This way, in the unlikely event that you end up with a bad part, you won't have to pay twice for the labor to have it re-installed.

Ask About Discounts and Promotions

Most service centers offer special promotions and discounts throughout different times of year, so don't hesitate to ask after you receive a quote for your repair if that's the best they can do. More often than not, a service center that really wants your business will offer an additional discount on the quoted work--or they may throw in another service free of charge (like oil changes or new tires).

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