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2 Features That Will Make Your Next Semi-Truck Safer & More Comfortable

If you need to invest in a new-to-you used freightliner truck, you don't want to invest in just any truck, you want to invest in the best truck. You want to invest in a truck that has cutting edge features that will help you stay safe on the road as well productive.

#1 Automated Manual Transmissions

The type of engine that your semi-truck has can make all of the difference. The best type of engine to have when you are operating a semi-truck is a manual transmission. A top of the line manual transmission is actually an automated manual transmission.

It is important to note that an automated manual transmission is not the same as an automatic transmission. An automated manual transmission is still a manual transmission; each gear is shifted through manually, just like a regular manual transmission.

The big different with an automatic manual transmission is that you don't have to push in on the clutch as well. Instead, when you push on the brake, the vehicle will automatically downshift for you without you having to push in the clutch as well. When you are accelerating, you are shifting as well.

With an automated manual transmission, your truck and engine are able to communicate more smoothly with each other and you don't have to undergo the physical stress of switching gears with a clutch.

#2 Insulated Cab

Owning a semi-truck is not all about what it under the hood. It is also about the comfort of the inside of the vehicle. When you drive a semi-truck around the country, your truck is  not only your mode of transportation, it is your home as well.

You are going to sleep in the cab of your pick-up truck many nights while parking at a truck stop, store or hotel. In order to stay safe on the road, you need to get a quality night's sleep, which is where an insulated cab comes in. An insulted cab is designed to reduce the outside noises that make their way into the sleeper portion of your cab. Truck stops can be noisy places, so this is really helpful. An insulated cab will also reduce vibrational noise, such as the sound of a big rig starting up next to you.

If you value quite when you sleep, an insulated big rig cab is the way to go.

Get the best control over your truck on the road with an automated manual transmission and get the best sleep on the road with an insulated cab.