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Four Steps To Take While Waiting On Roadside Assistance

Whether you get stranded in a snow drift or you have a blown tire, your roadside assistance plan can provide the help you need to get out of a potentially bad situation. As you wait on roadside assistance to come to your aid, there are some things you can do to stay safe. Use the following tips if you ever find yourself waiting on roadside assistance.

Preserve Your Phone Battery

Once you've made the call to your roadside assistance company, take steps to preserve your phone battery. Plug it into your car charger if you still have power inside your vehicle, and consider turning on the device's power-saving mode to extend your battery life. Avoid using apps and games to pass the time. While they can provide a distraction, they can prevent your phone from being ready if you need to receive a call from the tow truck driver.

Stay With Your Vehicle

Staying with your vehicle will help your tow truck driver to locate you, and it can help keep you safe during your wait as well. If possible, remain inside the car. Your car can provide some protection in the event that a motorist veers off onto the side of the road, and it can also keep you warmer during snow storms and severe winter weather.

Know Your Exact Location

Your tow truck driver needs to know your exact location, so be sure to determine where you are on the road. If you are on a highway, look for the nearest mile marker to provide directional assistance to the driver, and be sure to let him or her know which direction of travel you are facing. This is important on expressways or freeways, as the driver will need to take the correct on-ramp to get to you.

Stay Awake

During long waits, particularly when the weather is extremely cold, you may be tempted to take a nap to pass the time. This can be dangerous in cold weather, and it can also prevent you from being able to communicate with the tow truck driver when he or she calls you. Consider keeping a crossword puzzle book or electronic handheld game in your glove box just in case you ever have a roadside emergency. These distractions can help you pass the time without napping or using your smartphone's app features.

Keep the number for a roadside assistance company, like Parkway Wrecker Service, stored in your phone, and also have it written down on a sheet of paper in your vehicle. When a roadside emergency strikes, contact the company for help, and use these tips to stay safe and ready for rescue.