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A Few Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicle's Tires

The tires on your vehicle are important for your safety, controlling the auto, and improving your gas mileage. If you go about your driving without ever looking at the tires and conducting regular maintenance you are just asking for trouble. Fortunately, most tire maintenance takes only a few minutes and it not very expensive. Here are a few things you should be doing on a routine basis.

Air Pressure

Before getting into your vehicle, walk around it and look at the tires. If you notice one looks a little flat, go to the nearest gas station and fill it up. While filling it, make sure to check the air pressure with the gauge on the hose. You should also check the pressure in the other tires to make sure they are all adequately filled. It is also a good idea to have a tire gauge at home and check the air pressure after every other gas fill up. Your owner's manual will tell you at what pressure the tires should be kept.

Tread Depth

Take a look at the tire tread every day too. If it is looking worn, place a quarter upside down into the tread. If the tread does not reach Washington's head, it is very worn and you will need to replace the tire soon. The tire is more likely to blow if there is not enough tread. In addition, a tire with little tread will not grip the road well. This will make it harder to maneuver. Poor tread will also cause you to hydroplane if driving on a wet surface.

Tire Rotation

As you drive, some areas on a tire will wear faster than others. Rotating the tires regularly will allow for a more uniform wearing of the tread. Rotating always involves swapping front and back tires. Sometimes the back tires will be moved to the opposite side on the front and sometimes the front tires will be moved to the opposite sides on the back. It is also possible to swap sides for both the front and back tires. Take your car to a tire shop every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The mechanic will discuss which way they should be rotated and why.

When you bought your tires, they had a life expectancy. However, if you do not keep them filled with the correct air pressure and have them rotated regularly they will not last that long. When you add that to the fact you will have better gas mileage, be able to maneuver the vehicle better, and reduce the chance of a crash you will see that it only makes sense to perform routine maintenance. To learn more, contact a tire maintenance company like King George Truck & Tire Center